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Choosing Wireless

When an alarm system activates, it depends on the telephone line to communicate the emergency signals to a monitoring response centre. Times have changed. Today the telephone system may or may not work. As crime rates increase more thieves have become advanced and educated with their “Breaking & Entering” techniques. Thieves have wire cutters, which offer easier access to the home/business telephone lines.

In addition to telephone lines being cut, residential/business telephone lines may also be affected or interrupted by other external factors such as, power outages during a storm, and construction mishaps causing communication failures. What we often forget is the monitoring centre will not receive a signal once the telephone lines/internet have been disconnected.

A solution was put in place to resolve the telephone line problem. The solution was to install expensive-lease “cellular back-up systems”. Over the years the “Cellular Back-Up” was the system of choice for wireless communication. Yet, quietly many complained about the extravagant cost. Nevertheless, cost was not the only issue. The alarm industry also discovered that there were some technical issues with the Clearing Houses. Some of these issues included long redirecting times, wireless communications over loading the network, causing a delay in the signal or even lost signals.

As the standard telephone became a “need” in every home so has the cellular telephone. For years, the cellular phone manufactures allowed the alarm industry to use cellular space on their expanding networks throughout North America. However, as technology is advancing more space is needed on the network, so that the cellular provider can promote new communication tools such as the blackberry, and other wireless communication devices.

What does this mean for the alarm cellular back-up user? Just that there are no current solutions. Slowly, the cellular providers will discontinue the use of cellular communication for the alarm system user, YOU.

To resolve this growing concern many alarm organizations have been on the look-out for a new way to communicate, without using land lines or cellular. This year, 2007, there is a solution...

Surprisingly, this wireless solution has been around for over a decade but, many are still relying on the cellular back-up. Today, this solution is Dedicated UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Long-Range Radio.

Radio has been used from the dusk of communication technology. Our grandparents, parents, and today’s generation have always had radio. Now, a radio network has been solely developed for the alarm industry. Connecting to a public network or an outside network is no longer a concern. Today, this radio network is designed directly for the alarm user. Complete 24-hour, wireless, radio technology. Dedicated to the alarm industry-Our Industry.