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smoke & fire protection

A fire alarm company is one that sells fire notification and dispatch systems to home owners. Most often, these systems are sold by larger home security specialty companies that handle not just fire alarm systems, but also burglar alarm systems, medical emergency systems, and integrated home security systems. Find out more information.


FIRELINK Information Sheet



Protecting Life's Precious Moments

FireLink utilizes its own dedicated Long-Range Radio Network (Stealthlink). This network, know as StarNet Radio Communications, is the primary method of communication to the monitoring centre.

Installing FireLink's smoke detector's (Gemini System) into the home/small business will provide smoke and fire protection by transmitting emergency signals directly to the monitoring response centre for rapid response.

FireLink's smoke detectors are completely wireless and designed for self-installation. Once the smoke detector(s) have been successfully installed FireLink will then connect into the radio network ready for fire signals.

FireLink will NOT require a telephone line and will transmit the emergency fire signals 30 to 60 seconds faster than a conventional security system's telephone line.

Stealthlink (a radio network, built in 1995) was designed for the sole purpose to transmit fire and burglary signals 24 hours a day on is fully supervised network. Being assured pure signals anytime of the day.

Providing over 10 years of service excellence in emergency response it is recommended that FireLink is installed into every home and small business.